Besides our world renowned smallmouth fishing you can thank the VDGIF biologists for our
world class walleye and muskie fishery on the New River. Shocking up fish to tag for your
$20 information rewards or collecting brood stock to breed for annual stockings entails
harsh, brutal cold days and having to clear ramps so they may launch their boats. Then the
work starts in the hatchery! Please respect the size/harvest regulations while they continue
to establish these phenomenal fisheries.
The cycle of life is always apparent as was the case on todays trip. While a hen duck swam with
her baby's we spotted a button buck thrashing on the waters edge in distress. Before we
could untangle it from vines it had passed away. Life on the river can be cruel as well as
wondrous. The hen will probably lose most of her hatch to muskie and other predators.