Got out today for a few hours of
pre fishing for the walleye trips
starting up this week and managed
this 9lber with a VDGIF $20 reward
tag in it.
Stepnen Miklandric from
Chesterfield, VA with a real
nice walleye from todays trip.
Great walleye trip today for Greg Tilley from
Greensboro, NC with his 26" CITATION walleye
and Mike Bradley from Stokesdale, NC with his
nice walleye.
James Bell from Parhow, VA has
been chasing walleye for three
years and finally got his first today.
Great walleye day on the river with Joe
and Cheri Compton from Cullpepper, VA.
Another great day on the river
chasing walleye with Cara and
Chris Condit from Shady Sides, MD.
CJ Broadwater with his first CITATION
walleye and Terry Windsor with his fat
CITATION muskie.
New RIver trifecta today! Will Conley from Hampton, VA. with his first muskie and a dandy
small mouth, both CITATIONS. Richard Durkee
from New Kent, VA. landed his first
walleye and shows off his Citation smallie.