Ken Tolley from Greensboro, NC
had a great day with some nice
smallies including this 20.5"
CITATION, a nice striper and lost a
big muskie on a ledge.
Good four man trip today for the group from
TN. Mike Van Brugen with a great New River
striper and Matt Cahoon with a CITATION
carp that hit topwater! They also landed
some nice smallies and lost some giants.
Another fine trip for Grandfather/Grandson
Wilson Knight and Kyle Granger from
Alabama. Wilson with a fine 21" CITATION
smallie and Kyle shows off a nice 19"er.
Another New River Trifecta today. Ken
Tolley from Greensboro, NC with his
CITATION muskie and Paul Denison from
Stem, NC with his nice striper plus they had
numerous smallies.
Russell Willoughby from
Norfolk, VA. caught his first
smallie today, a nice
CITATION! He also missed a
shot at a new state record
Nice smallie for Eric
Evans from Roston,
VA. today.
Capt. Forest with a
CITATION muskie.
Great four day trip for Dave and
Angie Shoopman from Greenwood,
IN. Lots of smallies each day just
couldn't get the big ones in the net!
Nice 1/2 day trip for Larry and Patti
Cahoon from Asheboro, NC.